The dvdid project provides a library and executable for calculating dvdids, as returned by Windows' IDvdInfo2::GetDiscID() method. It is available as source code, which should compile on Windows and any POSIX compliant platform.

Please report any discrepancy between the values calculated by any version of this software and those calculated by, e.g. My DVD Settings, to: Christopher Key <christopher.key@cantab.net>.

Building and Installation

On Windows, dvdid can be built with MSVC; there's a solution file in the source distribution. Alterantively, download one of the binary distributions and unpack into your PATH.

On Unix-like platforms, use:

tar -xvzf dvdid-*.tar.gz && cd dvdid-*
sudo make install


dvdid is a command line application, invoke it with,

dvdid[.exe] [DVD Path]
dvdid.exe K:\
dvdid /dev/cdrom


dvdid 0.1.1

Latest stable version

Introduced support for MacOS and fixed a few typos in the header files and project definitions.

dvdid 0.1.0

First release.

dvdid 0.2.0a

Alpha release.

Introduces a provisional method for generating compatible discids for VCDs and SVCDs. As this is largely untested, the results from this version for DVDs or (S)VCDs shouldn't be relied upon. Moreover, the method used for (S)VCDs may change, invalidating any previous discids.

Once its clear that the method used for (S)VCDs can be relied upon to give consistent results on all compliants discs across most platforms, the specification can finalised. That should also provide sufficient testing to mark the release as stable.

Therefore, it would be very much appreciated if anyone with access to (S)VCDs could give this version a test. Particularly desirable would be checking that the results are consistent between platforms, but as there are lots of diagnostics in the code to check that the files encountered are as expected (for details, see the source code), simply making sure that the software reports a discid is very useful. If you get any errors, please let me know at: christopher.key@cantab.net.

As there have been some structural changes in the code, it would also be much appreciated if the DVD discid generation could be checked, ensuring the it giving the same results as previous versions, or other software (e.g. My DVD Settings).


The dvdid-*-dev.zip files contain a Windows dll and static library. For Unix-like platforms, a system default library is built and installed by the standard build process. There is API documentation included in the source distributions, although the comments in the code with regards timestamp source and accuracy should also be read and understood.

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